Ted & Colleen

Defying Addiction | Summer 2012 Spotlight | photo by Brownie Harris | UPDATE: Colleen was the featured speaker at Wilmington's Epicurean Evening 2012. Read her comments. | “Colleen, I met your boys. They are just so darling. If they can’t keep you sober, I don’t know what can.” Perhaps the guardian ad litem said this to motivate Colleen. Maybe she wanted to challenge the young mother to finally beat her long-running battle with drug and … [Read more...]

The Vialva Family

Hope and Purpose Emerge From Despair | Fall 2011 Spotlight | photo by Brownie Harris | Shawnetta Vialva remembers that Saturday in August 2007 when life as she knew it began to unravel. A letter arrived from the Department of Social Services reporting that her husband’s twin sons, then 7 years old, had been removed from their birth mother’s home and placed into foster care with Methodist Home for Children. They spent all weekend wondering … [Read more...]