Lives are beingDL-Pic changed every day through our transitional living programs. Witnessing this growth is the most fulfilling part of our work, and today we want to brag on one of our youth.

D.L. came to the Craven Transitional Living Program after serving time in a Youth Development Center for breaking into houses and stealing jewelry and guns. During his time at Craven, D.L. worked hard to change the trajectory of his life. He completed a welding course, earning multiple certificates, including Welding, OSHA and Forklift. He also completed a semester at Craven Community College while working jobs at Target and McDonald’s. For restitution owed to his victims, he completed 150 hours of community service.

D.L. was successfully discharged from the Craven program in December 2o14. He has since returned home and is taking classes at Gaston College and working part-time in construction.

We’re so proud of you D.L.!

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