Department of Public Safety


Juvenile Crisis & Assessment Centers

Referrals are accepted from N.C. Department of Public Safety court counselors.

Fill out and submit assessment center referral forms:

Insight Crisis & Assessment Center | Referral Form
Non-secure beds for crisis and assessment
PHONE: 919.808.5951
LOCATION: 100 Dillon Drive, Butner, NC 27509

Bridges Crisis & Assessment Center | Referral Form
Non-secure beds for crisis and assessment
PHONE: 336.515.0614
LOCATION: 5550 Sturmer Park Circle, Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Western Area Crisis & Assessment Center | Referral Form
Secure and non-secure beds for crisis and assessment
PHONE: 828.338.8340
LOCATION: 20 Lees Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28806

Operated by Methodist Home for Children in partnership with the Department of Public Safety, the centers provide a comprehensive juvenile assessment in a residential setting with the goal of matching the youth to the most appropriate services in his or her community. The assessment takes place under the supervision of a licensed psychologist and licensed clinical case managers.

• The Juvenile Assessment Centers serve Level II offenders between the ages of 10 and 17. Some exceptions are made for offenders who are not in the Level II category.

• The service includes a systematic evaluation with testing in the areas of education, behavior, personality and intelligence. As indicated by the referral information, additional testing may be provided as needed.

• Testing results are combined with information obtained through daily living, allowing for a more complete look at each youth’s strengths, areas of concern and goals.

• The facilities provide a structured environment with recreation, school, meals, individual rooms, group work, socialization skills and counseling.

• At discharge, the youth, family and court counselor are provided a comprehensive and user-friendly evaluation report accompanied by clear and actionable recommendations.

• The length of stay is between 14 and 30 days.