JafariJafari came to the Hertford Multipurpose Home in January 2015 at the recommendation of a juvenile court counselor. A deep thinker and hard worker, he thrived during his time with us.

While admitted, Jafari stayed on top of his coursework so he’d be on track to graduate when he returned to public school. He also wrote some powerful poetry. In Lost, he describes the heaviness in his heart when he came to Methodist Home for Children, starting this way:

Lost and can’t be found
My good soul fell over and drowned
Time and time again I tried to find myself

He’d long felt lost “in so many ways,” he says, but his time in the Hertford home convinced him that he could have a better life. He got the help he needed to make big changes and, after eight months of self-evaluation and work toward his goals, Jafari was successfully discharged from our care and went home to live with his mother and stepfather. He’s now closing out his senior year in high school and plays cymbals in the marching band.

“I’m glad to say I’ve changed,” he says.

What does the future hold for Jafari? If all goes well, he plans to attend East Carolina University and get a good job after graduation. We’re proud of the progress that Jafari’s made and look forward to watching him become the man he has set his mind to become!

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