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Adoption was not part of the plan when Julia and Ron Moore decided to become foster parents, but it happened anyway. Janiyah was only two days old when she came to the Moores’ home in February 2007. Janiyah’s mother was a 16-year-old girl who’d been in foster care since age 11. With multiple placements and lingering anger issues, she was ill-equipped to parent a child.

The Moores decided to adopt Janiyah themselves when it became clear that no one else in her family could care for her, and the adoption was finalized in May 2011.

Today, Janiyah is 9. She’s happy, well adjusted, enjoys dance – and has a loving relationship with her birth mother, someone she’s gotten to know over the years. Graciously, the Moores have welcomed Janiyah’s mother into their home for meals and holiday celebrations; they’ve taken her on family vacations (including a trip to Disney World); and she even calls Julia and Ron “Ma” and “Dad” now.

In addition to adopting Janiyah, the Moores continue to foster children; they seem to have a knack for helping teenage boys. They teach the children independent living skills, budgeting, how to apply for a job, do laundry, clean and solve problems. A 15-year-old boy is in their care now.

“People ask how my husband and I deal with accepting so many people into our home,” Julia says. “I tell them this is a gift from God, although sometimes challenging. I understand God’s love for us is enduring and everlasting. When we accept that love, we can graciously give it to others.”