Specialized Care

Day treatment and residential services for young people who are dually diagnosed.


Luke's Long Road | Summer 2014 Spotlight | photos by Scott Taylor | When the outbursts were over, Luke would cry out of frustration and remorse. He didn’t have the words to express what he was feeling and he didn’t know why he did the things he did. “I hate the way I am,” he’d tell his mother. “I don’t want to be like this. I don’t know why I do this. I don’t know why I act like that.” His mom, Sherry, didn’t know either. “It was … [Read more...]


About-Face and Forward | Summer 2013 Spotlight | photo gallery | photo by Chuck Beckley | Joshua Mallia, 16, is handling his teen years with grace and maturity. He’s a 10th grader in Jacksonville, attending classes full-time and loving high school. He’s involved in the arts and athletics, and he competed at the state and regional levels for Special Olympics this spring. But Josh will be the first to tell you none of this would be … [Read more...]


Specialized Treatment Changes a Life | Spring 2011 Spotlight | UPDATE: After returning home, Darek got a part-time job, volunteered and re-enrolled in school. In June 2012, he graduated high school. | It can be hard work parenting a child who has a developmental delay or mental illness. Imagine, then, what it’s like to parent a child diagnosed with both life-altering conditions. Jan Alexiou of Raleigh can tell you: “It’s bewildering.” … [Read more...]