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Living in foster care can be stressful, especially for brothers and sisters who've been separated. Summer camp gives them a sense of normalcy — a chance to be a kid and spend time with siblings, if possible. Our children go to three different sleepaway camps: Royal Family Kids, Rockfish and Don Lee. Meet Ethan. He’s just back from camp and it's all he can talk about. For a week, he got to play games, hike, swim, fish, and ride horses. Oh, … [Read more...]


  Her name is synonymous with peace and kinship, an ironic choice by her birth mother. There wasn’t a lot of harmony in her young life. But on Jan. 26 — Harmony’s 8th birthday — a judge’s signature changed that for good. She was adopted by Shonda, her Methodist Home for Children foster mother. Before Shonda, home for Harmony was a place without rules or boundaries. It's the place where Harmony was abused by a relative and where her … [Read more...]

The Searcy Family

“Omar has always been the happiest kid—I mean he has the gift of happiness. I can’t even begin to say how many joys he’s brought into our lives.” —Nick Searcy Hollywood actor / director Nick Searcy and his wife, Leslie, have a connection to Methodist Home for Children that dates back to 2001, when they were living and working in Wilmington. They became foster parents to Omar when he was 15 months old, and they completed his adoption in June … [Read more...]


You are Perfect | Fall 2015 Spotlight | “Sing with me, ‘Bubby.’ ” Lorraine is talking to Mason, a small boy seated in a wheelchair, and his mouth opens wide as Dolly Parton croons one of their favorite songs on the radio. Mason is “singing” that he loves Lorraine “From Here to the Moon and Back.” He makes no sound, but Lorraine knows what he means, and she takes his hands in hers and says, “Well, we’re going to dance.” He opens his mouth … [Read more...]


Naming Cayden | Fall 2015 Spotlight | Story by Jesse James DeConto | Photos by Franklin Golden | Methodist pastor Cleve May sits at the Arthurian, oak dining table in his home, holding his adopted son in his lap and explaining how 2-year-old Cayden Manuel Vasquez-May got his names. The last name is obvious: Cayden took May from Cleve and his wife, Amy, the couple who’s cared for him since he left Duke Hospital six months after his … [Read more...]


Baby Steps Forward | Summer 2015 Spotlight | At the lowest, most miserable point of her childhood, Lilly was being sexually abused by a male relative. She wasn’t going to school regularly, and she lived in a squalid home with her mother and various boyfriends, sometimes sleeping in the same bed with them. She was beaten in the head repeatedly by an older sibling. She was dressed inappropriately in high heels and makeup. It was hellish. But it … [Read more...]


Trust & Courage | Summer 2015 Spotlight | Photos and article by Julie Williams Dixon | More photos of Dylan and Nancy » The sky is threatening rain, but Nancy Almon helps 7-year-old Dylan strap on elbow and knee pads and buckle his helmet before he climbs onto his brand-new freestyle bicycle. The scene is almost Rockwellian. Nancy's yard overlooks a sprawling field and pond, complete with a white farmhouse in the distance. As Dylan takes … [Read more...]


A Big Heart for Triston | Fall 2014 Spotlight | Emotional scars left by abuse do not discourage this family from adopting. As a therapist and mother of two young daughters, Cathy had to wear her emotional armor to work when she counseled abused and neglected children in the social services system. It’s hard not to get involved, but professional distance was a must. Then came Triston, a 6-year-old, in 2008. There was something special about … [Read more...]


Time to be a Kid | Summer 2014 Spotlight | photos by Julie Williams Dixon | On a sunny May morning in 2012, 11-year-old Brandie waited in the hallway outside a closed door at the Iredell County Department of Social Services. Behind the door, adults were talking about her future—her life. Two of them might become her next parents. By that time, Brandie had lived with five foster families. Two of them had planned to adopt her, but neither … [Read more...]

Tyshawn and Tyanna

Brotherly Love | Summer 2014 Spotlight | Tyson Robertson and Asia Battle-Gray were our Foster Parents of the Quarter (4th Quarter, 2014). The recognition goes to foster parents who go above and beyond expectations. Tyson Robertson grew up quickly as the oldest son of a single parent addicted to drugs. He didn’t have much of a childhood, though he didn’t realize it at the time. He lived occasionally in homeless shelters and … [Read more...]