Foster and Adopt

Dianna and Cleo Blue

Big Hearts | Fall 2013 Spotlight | photo gallery | article and photos by Julie Williams Dixon | The Blues open their home to children with behavioral needs. Four wide rockers rest on Cleo and Dianna Blue's front porch, inviting some relaxing, maybe even idle time. Cleo is a businessman who appreciates order, and he likes being outdoors, so the chairs overlook a beautifully kept yard. Dianna is retired after 30 years in the Lee County … [Read more...]


A Family Forever | Fall 2013 Spotlight | photo gallery | article and photos by Marion Blackburn | Adoption can't prevent loss, but it can provide a lifetime of love and support. Marqael Moss will wake up tomorrow in a safe place, surrounded by people who love him and take care of him. He will have breakfast, he will go to daycare and, when he returns, the same people will open the door to welcome him home. On weekends, there will be trips … [Read more...]


Adopting Ashlynn | photos by Julie Williams Dixon | The family secrets would reveal themselves in the exhaustion that follows a full-out tantrum. Ashlynn was 3 ½ years old when she came to live with Methodist Home for Children foster parents Troy and Gail High. Nothing about this sweet preschooler—beautiful with a thick ponytail and sea-blue eyes—would suggest the earlier chaos in her life. Nothing did, at first. But Ashlynn had been … [Read more...]


Benita's Decision | Fall 2012 Spotlight | photo by Rob Taylor | At age 13, in the 8th grade, Benita Warren had grown tired of fending for herself. Her half-sister had moved out years earlier, leaving her alone with an alcoholic mother prone to abusive and unstable behavior. The two moved constantly, and social services workers were always a few steps behind, showing up periodically for as long as she could remember. Foster care would be a … [Read more...]

Emoree & Haleigh

Adoptions | Summer 2012 Spotlight | Ralph and Monique Liriano of Clayton adopted Emoree, 5, and Haleigh, 3, on Nov. 7, 2011. The girls came to the Lirianos in December 2010, both anxious about being in a new foster home and unable to sleep apart. But time and love have taken care of that. The siblings now have their own bedrooms, and Emoree was able to help decorate hers. “Daddy actually painted the walls pink and purple for her,” Monique … [Read more...]


Adoptions | Summer 2012 Spotlight | Bobby and Patricia Davis of Louisburg adopted Lang, 8, on Sept. 12, 2011. Lang moved into the Davises’ home as a foster child in November 2008, and Bobby and Patricia had no intention of adopting him or anybody else at that point in their lives. They already had a large family between the two of them. But they fell in love with the shy, sweet boy living under their roof, and their extended family did … [Read more...]

Aaleyah & Jeremiah

A Child's Thanks | UPDATE: Jeremiah and Aaleyah were adopted by the Batts-Bunn family on Sept. 12, 2012, and the “I love you” notes have kept coming from both children. The kids are settled and no longer worry about being removed from their home. “If I take them somewhere, they don’t ask like they used to, ‘Am I coming back?’ ” Batts says. “They know this is their home now. The fact that they’re adopted—they let it be known a whole … [Read more...]

The Howard Family

God's Blessings on a Full House | Spring 2011 Spotlight | UPDATE: The Howards adopted Talmadge and Tashawn in December 2010 and Charlie and Ricky in July 2011. Amanda Faith was adopted in March 2012.  Saturday mornings are always lively at the Southport home of Jayne and Richard Howard—but this one is electric. After three weeks of design and construction, “Fort Howard” is ready for play. Four boys in matching camouflage wait for … [Read more...]