HELP Students


Walking The Talk | Fall 2012 Spotlight | photos by Julie Williams Dixon | What if newborns came out of the womb talking? What do you think they would say? Or what about guys in the movies—the ones on their deathbed who hand a mysterious treasure to the hero? And when the hero asks what he’s supposed to do with it, the dying guy rasps, “You’ll know when the time is right.” How does he know when the time is right? Sean Flowers thinks about … [Read more...]


Benita's Decision | Fall 2012 Spotlight | photo by Rob Taylor | At age 13, in the 8th grade, Benita Warren had grown tired of fending for herself. Her half-sister had moved out years earlier, leaving her alone with an alcoholic mother prone to abusive and unstable behavior. The two moved constantly, and social services workers were always a few steps behind, showing up periodically for as long as she could remember. Foster care would be a … [Read more...]


A Clean Break | Fall 2012 Spotlight | photo by Chuck Beckley | UPDATE: De'Quan Nelms started fall classes at Craven Community College in September 2012 with financial assistance from Methodist Home for Children’s Hackley Education and Learning Program (HELP). | At age 13, De’Quan Nelms was building a reputation in Rocky Mount as “Trouble,” the son of “Chaos.” People were afraid of him, like they’d feared his father before he vanished into … [Read more...]


Against the odds, an advanced degree | Read more from Micheal | Micheal Cox graduated cum laude with a Master of Social Work from NC State in May 2011. He was one of 76 to earn an advanced degree from this competitive program—a great achievement by any standards. But Cox did it by defying the odds stacked against him in childhood. Cox came to Methodist Home for Children at age 13 for violating probation on a larceny charge and again at age 15 … [Read more...]