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Four months isn’t much time—but a lot can get done under the right circumstances. Just ask Mike, a 16-year-old from Northampton County. In four months,  Mike found his voice and his confidence. He met mentors who saw potential in him, put their trust in him and treated him like family. He went on a dream vacation with them to Universal Studios in Florida. It all started in January, when a juvenile court officer referred Mike to Methodist … [Read more...]

Michelle, Michael & Matthew

“I was holding Matthew and I realized that he didn’t know any of it. He didn’t know I’d been abused. He didn’t know I’d been homeless. His impression of me—his idea of who I am and what I am—was entirely up to me. I wanted to be a better person so I could be a better mom. I wanted to teach my son that there is absolutely nothing he can’t overcome if he wants it bad enough and if he works hard enough for it." Heartache’s Upside | Fall 2014 … [Read more...]


A Game Changer | Fall 2013 Spotlight | At age 17, Alvin can stand in front of a hundred people and tell the details of his life without flinching. He can talk about his dream of joining the Army National Guard and becoming a military police officer. And he can talk about his big mistake in the 8th grade, when he brought a gun to school thinking he would sell it. That February 2010 decision cost Alvin his freedom and compromised his future … [Read more...]

Ted & Colleen

Defying Addiction | Summer 2012 Spotlight | photo by Brownie Harris | UPDATE: Colleen was the featured speaker at Wilmington's Epicurean Evening 2012. Read her comments. | “Colleen, I met your boys. They are just so darling. If they can’t keep you sober, I don’t know what can.” Perhaps the guardian ad litem said this to motivate Colleen. Maybe she wanted to challenge the young mother to finally beat her long-running battle with drug and … [Read more...]


Alternatives to Commitment | Kevin was 15 when he came to Methodist Home for Children through the Alternatives to Commitment program in August 2011. Earlier in the year, he and friends had stolen a gun and robbed at gunpoint two employees of a Goldsboro restaurant as they took out garbage. As a result, Kevin was facing some very serious charges and possible juvenile detention, but a judge decided instead that he would be a good candidate for … [Read more...]

The Vialva Family

Hope and Purpose Emerge From Despair | Fall 2011 Spotlight | photo by Brownie Harris | Shawnetta Vialva remembers that Saturday in August 2007 when life as she knew it began to unravel. A letter arrived from the Department of Social Services reporting that her husband’s twin sons, then 7 years old, had been removed from their birth mother’s home and placed into foster care with Methodist Home for Children. They spent all weekend wondering … [Read more...]