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Signs, Symbols & Solutions  |  When the power is off at home, the refrigerator is bare and the parents aren’t parenting, gangs can have a powerful appeal to kids, even as young as elementary schoolers. An estimated 314 gangs are active in North Carolina, and by the time many teens come through the juvenile justice system to Methodist Home for Children, they’ve become gang-involved. Darian is one of them. He’s 16 now, but he was 11 and … [Read more...]


Jafari came to the Hertford Multipurpose Home in January 2015 at the recommendation of a juvenile court counselor. A deep thinker and hard worker, he thrived during his time with us. While admitted, Jafari stayed on top of his coursework so he'd be on track to graduate when he returned to public school. He also wrote some powerful poetry. In Lost, he describes the heaviness in his heart when he came to Methodist Home for Children, starting … [Read more...]


Independent Streak: Enterprising teen learns limits | Summer 2015 Spotlight | A couple of things you should know about Austin: He is not afraid of work. He likes to get things done. He cooked and cared for his brother and sister while his mom worked late shifts at her restaurant job. He’s got a mind for business and he’s good with his hands, finding odd jobs and writing contracts for painting, building fences or decks, roofing or car … [Read more...]


Keys to Success | Fall 2013 Spotlight | Fifteen-year-old Joel never had piano lessons and can’t read a note of sheet music, but he can command a crowded room when he sits down to a keyboard and plays from his heart. He has a powerful gift, and it’s apparent to everyone within earshot. Joel never put any stock in his gift or saw its potential to change his life until a juvenile court judge sent him to Methodist Home for Children. He came to … [Read more...]


A Game Changer | Fall 2013 Spotlight | At age 17, Alvin can stand in front of a hundred people and tell the details of his life without flinching. He can talk about his dream of joining the Army National Guard and becoming a military police officer. And he can talk about his big mistake in the 8th grade, when he brought a gun to school thinking he would sell it. That February 2010 decision cost Alvin his freedom and compromised his future … [Read more...]


Walking The Talk | Fall 2012 Spotlight | photos by Julie Williams Dixon | What if newborns came out of the womb talking? What do you think they would say? Or what about guys in the movies—the ones on their deathbed who hand a mysterious treasure to the hero? And when the hero asks what he’s supposed to do with it, the dying guy rasps, “You’ll know when the time is right.” How does he know when the time is right? Sean Flowers thinks about … [Read more...]


Academic Fast Track | Fall 2011 Spotlight | Fifteen-year-old Prar’jhuay, far right in photo, wrapped himself into the starring role of Odysseus from Homer’s Odyssey—literally and figuratively. Wearing his bed sheet toga-style, he stood in front of his peers at the Methodist Home for Children Education Fair and delivered a grinning performance of the Greek hero’s return from the Trojan War. Prar’jhuay (pronounced prahr’-zhay) had been … [Read more...]


Against the odds, an advanced degree | Read more from Micheal | Micheal Cox graduated cum laude with a Master of Social Work from NC State in May 2011. He was one of 76 to earn an advanced degree from this competitive program—a great achievement by any standards. But Cox did it by defying the odds stacked against him in childhood. Cox came to Methodist Home for Children at age 13 for violating probation on a larceny charge and again at age 15 … [Read more...]