Transitional Living


Breaking the Cycle | Fall 2015 Spotlight | Sean was 14 when his 15-year-old brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Their parents were divorced, and the brothers moved from their dad’s house to live with their mother during the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. That’s when Sean’s troubles began. Although he’d been cited for fighting as young as 13, he’d avoided the street drugs and alcohol abuse that permeated his … [Read more...]


Lives are being changed every day through our transitional living programs. Witnessing this growth is the most fulfilling part of our work, and today we want to brag on one of our youth. D.L. came to the Craven Transitional Living Program after serving time in a Youth Development Center for breaking into houses and stealing jewelry and guns. During his time at Craven, D.L. worked hard to change the trajectory of his life. He completed a … [Read more...]


Terry was in Methodist Home for Children's Craven Transitional Living Program and published a book of poetry he wrote at Dobbs Youth Development Center. He shares his story and a poem, "The White Wall Society."  Order his book, Forsaking Petrification, on Amazon. This is how I became part of The White Wall Society. I am the youngest out of 7 children, and I was 10 years old—in 3rd grade—when I watched my father lie across the bathroom floor. … [Read more...]


A Clean Break | Fall 2012 Spotlight | photo by Chuck Beckley | UPDATE: De'Quan Nelms started fall classes at Craven Community College in September 2012 with financial assistance from Methodist Home for Children’s Hackley Education and Learning Program (HELP). | At age 13, De’Quan Nelms was building a reputation in Rocky Mount as “Trouble,” the son of “Chaos.” People were afraid of him, like they’d feared his father before he vanished into … [Read more...]