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Kids helping kids

We’re thankful for the many creative ways our friends pull together to raise 1K FOR 1KID – but it’s a special thrill to watch what happens when kids get involved. Recently two groups of children, ages 4 and up, heard about 1K FOR 1KID and they responded – with their hearts, their hands, and their feet.

2K FOR 2KIDS, Yong Martial Arts  |  They had focus, confidence, and power – but what we remember are their hearts.

There were 17 kids, two masters, and 4,500 pieces of broken board. In just over an hour they had raised $2,250 for Methodist Home for Children. The 17 students were black belt candidates at Yong Martial Arts in Apex and, as part of their testing, they were “kicking for kids.”

yong-cropEarning a black belt requires years of training. At Yong’s the final test also includes a group service project. So the 17 students gathered at a local festival and started breaking boards with their feet. The goal was to earn $2,000 and, at a buck a board, that meant each student needed to break more than 115 boards. They did it and they didn’t stop until 250 additional boards had been snapped.

“Our students and families had such a great time raising money and learning about Methodist Home for Children,” says Martha Kim, program director for Yong Martial Arts. “Thank you for the work you do, helping others right here in the community.”

1K FOR 1KID, Ocracoke United Methodist Church  |  Two hundred miles away, on the Outer Banks’ southernmost island, the children at Ocracoke UMC also were thinking about Methodist Home for Children. Although their group was small, numbering no more than 15, they were determined to make a big difference for children in need of safe, stable homes.

“They are children like us. We have to help them.”

With those words, the Ocracoke UMC kids went to work. They made videos. They got up and spoke in church, laying out the uncomfortable and tragic realities in which many children live. Then they explained to the congregants how Methodist Home for Children provides assistance to these children and families. The Ocracoke kids were impassioned. Relentless. And successful. Working together, these children, some as young as 4 years old, raised $1,000.

Thank you to both groups of young people who heard our story and used their time and talents to make life better for others.

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