Pull up a chair

website pittsEllen and Tim Pitts walk through houses all the time. It’s their job. Ellen sells real estate in the Triangle, and when her husband, Tim, isn’t teaching history or philosophy at a nearby high school, he does her home staging. But when they walked into our North Hills transitional living home, they weren’t thinking about buying, selling, or staging. They came to see how our program works.

“When I was younger, I lived in a home for teen girls for a short time,” Ellen says. “I don’t remember it as a very homey place.” Ellen and Tim met and married a few years after that but Ellen’s experience shaped their life plan. Early in their relationship they decided that one day they would volunteer in a similar program, offering what they could to support the staff and teens there.

Last fall, they decided it was time to act on this long-held promise and they toured our North Hills home. Although they were impressed with the counselors and residents they met, their trained eyes noted the house could use some improvements. Without hesitation Ellen and Tim stepped up. They made plans, raised funds, and went shopping.

The next time the Pitts visited our North Hills home, they came bringing gifts – beautiful things selected especially for the place: Rugs, accent lamps, chairs, and pictures for the walls. Ellen and Tim spent that afternoon arranging and rearranging, creating inviting nooks for our teens – places where the girls could curl up with a book, talk together, do homework, or relax after work.

“I strongly believe our surroundings influence our mindset and ability to be productive. And for girls who come from homes that haven’t been safe and supportive, a warm and homey environment is that much more important,” Ellen says. We couldn’t agree more and we’re so grateful for Ellen and Tim and the wonderful way they shared their talents with us.