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Foster & Adoption Sessions

Wake, Pitt, Greene counties | Are you interested in fostering or adopting? We have information sessions to answer your questions about fostering and adopting through Methodist Home for Children. RSVP is required: Call 888.305.4321, ext.6, or email On the agenda: •  What it means to be a foster parent. •  What the training & licensing process is all about. •  What types of children are referred to our foster … [Read more...]

Black’s Chapel: Thrift to gift

Most Sunday mornings, you’ll find 25 or so people in the pews at Black’s Chapel United Methodist in Godwin. It’s a small, historic church in a one-stoplight town – and it's living proof that you can’t measure the heart of a community by a count of the heads. You measure it in relationships. You measure it in readiness to help when somebody’s home burns or job is lost or child is sick. You measure it in support for an organization like Methodist … [Read more...]

What if that were you?

A conversation about inclusiveness leads to new coursework: Now our FACT students are learning to communicate using American Sign Language.   The teacher stands in her classroom and tells this story: Once I had a student join my class who was completely deaf. She had been attending the North Carolina School for the Deaf where everyone communicates using American Sign Language (ASL), but when she joined my class not a single person … [Read more...]

Students: You make us proud!

They'll hit the books in August, but on this day, we celebrated the achievements of our students in the Hackley Education and Learning Program. Known as HELP, the program provides financial support and mentoring to qualified students who’ve been through foster care, adoption, and residential services. | Read more about HELP. Our Graduates Veronica Armstrong, UNC Greensboro, graduates this summer with a degree in sustainable hospitality and … [Read more...]

We stake out a safety net …

When my two children graduated from high school, they had no doubt what would happen next. My wife and I would pack them up for college; help pay for tuition, books, and the campus meal plan. We would help with their car insurance, cell phones, and later oversee their first rental agreements. For many it’s a rite of the season as graduations are celebrated and parents stake out safety nets for their children going to college. It’s an … [Read more...]

Experts in Care | Lighthouse Certification

Congratulations to our staff and foster parents who’ve shown through rigorous testing that they are adept in our model of care and equipped to train others. Besides skill, they have modeled perseverance, grace, and determination in their work to earn Lighthouse Certification. [Not photographed: Lauren Brooker, assessment counselor, Western Area Assessment Center; Scott Hewett, foster parent] … [Read more...]

Have Car, Will Travel

The first rule in helping families stay together is meeting them where they are. Janice Sanders is part of our family preservation team in New Hanover County | Wynona Benson Photography It was a rash, inexplicable decision. The 19-year-old single mother had no reliable childcare for her son while she worked. Sometimes she’d get help from the child’s father and his family, but when she showed up at their home one Tuesday morning, expecting … [Read more...]

The Power of Fatherhood

There stands a young teen at the podium, a 6th grade boy. The ballroom is filled – over 700 people are here. On the dais next to him sits Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s dad, and, so close they could brush arms, is poet and rapper Common. The teen reads the first sentence of his essay, then stops. Silence. He struggles to compose himself and a few seconds later, voices from the audience call out. “You’ve got this.” “You can do it.” “Take your … [Read more...]

The Game of Life

Thad Hodge "sells" a 2014 Dodge Challenger to Montrell during Methodist Home for Children's Real World Remember your first paycheck? How shocking it was to see the deductions? How little was left after paying rent? Welcome to MHC Real World – a simulated life experience. Think of it as a crash course in adulting, a daylong adventure designed to give teens a taste of what it’s like to be all grown up. But not just any teens. These are kids who, … [Read more...]

Someone to be there

Teresa Oakley is a therapeutic foster parent. She and Steven, parents of 13-year-old Nathan, set out to foster young children (under the age of 5) but realized they most enjoyed parenting young teens. Teresa shares what she’s learned from being a foster parent. Fostering children is really, really hard at times. You think you are not getting through to their hearts. Steven and I spent many hours letting our children know that we are not … [Read more...]

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