On the Job


At Methodist Home for Children, you will receive training to help you do your job well:

  • General orientation to our values and model of care.
  • Job-specific training on topics such as adolescent development and sexuality, diet and health, professionalism and protecting youth rights.
  • Opportunities for continuing education and career advancement.


Agencywide expectations provide a common set of values, goals and skills for accountability.

  • Confidentiality: MHC employees are keenly perceptive of confidentiality issues and recognize the many areas of their profession in which confidentiality applies.
    • Client Confidentiality: Exercise extreme caution and care in the management of confidential and sensitive information about clients and their families.
    • Professional Confidentiality: Exercise good judgment in what issues they discuss and with whom.
  • Professional Competencies: MHC employees possess the basic professional and administrative competencies described here.
  • Community Expectations: MHC employees meet expectations of community consumers.
    • Sensitivity to Consumer Perceptions: Are sensitive to potential perceptions of individual consumers and groups of consumers who are directly and indirectly impacted by the agency’s work and services.
    • Receptivity to Consumer Feedback: Actively cultivate an atmosphere of open communication with all community consumers.