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Someone to be there

Teresa Oakley is a therapeutic foster parent. She and Steven, parents of 13-year-old Nathan, set out to foster young children (under the age of 5) but realized they most enjoyed parenting young teens. Teresa shares what she’s learned from being a foster parent. Fostering children is really, really hard at times. You think you are not getting through to their hearts. Steven and I spent many hours letting our children know that we are not … [Read more...]

Wheels4Hope drives opportunity

Tyanna is the most recent MHC alum to receive a car from Wheels4Hope. We’ve watched Tyanna grow up and now she’s a student at East Carolina University. (Dean’s List, no less!) She’s always had a drive to achieve great things, and this Toyota Camry solves her logistics challenge of getting to school and work every day. We are so grateful for the ministry and partnership we’ve found with Wheels4Hope. Success is often linked to opportunity. And, … [Read more...]

Meet DeMikael

DeMikael was in elementary school when he started running with the older guys in his neighborhood, breaking into homes for money to buy clothes and shoes. He was a follower, and he found himself in the juvenile justice system by the time he was 10. His charges stacked up over the years, but nothing else changed. DeMikael could not imagine a life other than what he saw on the street, outside his front door. By the time he was 15, he was on his … [Read more...]

Experts in Care | Lighthouse Certification

Congratulations to our staff and foster parents who’ve shown through rigorous testing that they are adept in our model of care and equipped to train others. Besides skill, they have modeled perseverance, grace, and determination in their work to earn Lighthouse Certification. Not photographed: Ella and Julius Henry, foster parents … [Read more...]

Raise the Age: What we believe

If you believe that 16- and 17-year-olds who commit misdemeanors should be handled in the juvenile justice system, add your name here. In popular imagination, juvenile crimes occur in darkness and on the weekend. But, in truth, the majority of our juvenile complaints – 44 percent – are from schools for disorderly conduct, aka acting out in class. Here in North Carolina, if you’ve had your 16th birthday and you act out in class, you can be … [Read more...]

Frank’s Favorites

Frank is donating two elaborate handmade toys, below, for A Winter's Tale auction on Feb. 4. You can view and bid on Frank's toys in the silent auction here | At age 95, Frank Mansfield has built hundreds of his signature trucks, trains, and earth-moving toys. He took up woodworking in the late 1940s after serving in World War II, and through the years he’s donated some of his most elaborate pieces to raise funds for Methodist Home for … [Read more...]

Loving Hard, Letting Go

It's one of the sacrifices we ask of foster families – that they love and protect the children in their home and stand ready to let go. Mandy and Doug Schoonmaker, and their daughter, Darian, are new to foster care and all of the rewards and challenges it holds for them. But they're uniquely practiced as a family in loving hard and letting go. The test of their lives began in 2012 with a cancer diagnosis for Denny, their son and brother. It … [Read more...]

Meet Jerricho & Mercedes Cotchery: A Winter’s Tale

First there was football. It’s how we know Jerricho Cotchery: the Wolfpack receiver with dependable hands, the 12-season NFL veteran with a Super Bowl finish. Football gave Jerricho a measure of fame. Then Jerricho gave fame a measure of purpose. With the support of Mercedes, his college sweetheart and wife, Jerricho has used his pro-athlete status to talk publicly about faith, family, and the great loves of their life together — their five … [Read more...]

We Love our Partners!

Kids helping kidsWe're thankful for the many creative ways our friends pull together to raise 1K FOR 1KID – but it's a special thrill to watch what happens when kids get involved. Recently two groups of children, ages 4 and up, heard about 1K FOR 1KID and they responded – with their hearts, their hands, and their feet. 2K FOR 2KIDS, Yong Martial Arts  |  They had focus, confidence, and power – but what we remember are their hearts. There … [Read more...]

A Winter’s Tale: See What’s In Store!

Saturday, February 4  |  Get your friends together and reserve your table for an unforgettable evening — the 20th anniversary of A Winter's Tale. Speakers Jerricho & Mercedes Cotchery First there was football. It’s how we know Jerricho Cotchery: the Wolfpack receiver with dependable hands, the 12-season NFL veteran with a Super Bowl finish. Football gave Jerricho a measure of fame. Then Jerricho gave fame a measure of purpose. With … [Read more...]

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