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Our View: Raise the Age

Making a case to "raise the age" on youth jurisdiction, Bishop Hope Ward and MHC President/CEO Bruce Stanley argue that 16- and 17-year-olds who commit misdemeanors should not be prosecuted as adults.  North Carolina remains one of only two states that automatically prosecute all 16- and 17-year-olds as adults—even for an infraction as minor as stealing a bag of Doritos. We agree that wrongs deserve consequences; however, our state’s … [Read more...]

Newly Certified Staff

Congratulations to six staff members who’ve shown through rigorous testing and certification that they are adept in our model of care and equipped to train others.   Lighthouse-Certified Resident Counselor Courtney Jones, center, with Foster Care and Adoptions Director Erica Burgess, left, and North Hills Program Manager Jamie Washington, right. Jones works at the North Hills Group Home.   Elite-Certified Aftercare Specialist … [Read more...]

MHC Success Story Airs

WNCT ran a news report about our Craven Transitional Living Program, which helps court-involved youth build the skills they need to live independently. Statistically, these teens are at high risk of failing, but De'Quan Nelms and others are showing that the right intervention works. … [Read more...]

Employee Excellence Awards 2012

Methodist Home for Children employees put in long hours to give a brighter future to children who need loving, structure, guidance and support. More than 220 staff members work at MHC to provide services—from early childhood education to foster care and adoption to family preservation. Among them, four were recognized with 2012 Employee Excellence Awards. Congratulations to our Employee Excellence Awards winners. Read what their coworkers … [Read more...]

2013 | A Winter’s Tale Photos

The photos are in! Thanks to everyone who made this a memorable and successful evening for Methodist Home for Children. | Click here to see all photos. … [Read more...]

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