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A Better Life

Everybody else has left the Johnston County Agricultural Center after a day of independent living lessons, but Dei’jion stays and watches a crew take down wall partitions. He points out the man who seems to be in charge. “Look at him. He is making money right now. I bet he’s got a nice house, nice car, nice family. I know he does. I’m going to get that. I am going to grind, to better myself, and do everything in my power to get that.” Dei’jion … [Read more...]

Meet the Manley boys

At home with the Manley boys: 5-year-old James, 4-year-old Jeffrey, and 4-year-old Amari Ask them their names and they reply in unison: We’re the Manley boys! And, indeed, they are. This preschool trio lives in Northampton County with Jeff and Jackie Manley, who became foster parents with Methodist Home for Children in 2010. The Manleys had talked about adopting a boy, maybe a newborn, after they finished raising their two daughters, … [Read more...]

Hurricane Matthew | Update

The caller sounded weary. "Is this Methodist Home for Children?" she asked. "Can you get a message to my son? He lives at one of your homes. Tell him we're all alive, but the house is gone. I'm going to a shelter now and will try to charge my phone, you know, in case he can call ... " The day after Hurricane Matthew swept through North Carolina, those of us at MHC home base in Raleigh gathered field reports and relayed messages like the one … [Read more...]

Experts in Care

Congratulations to our staff and foster parents who’ve shown through rigorous testing that they are adept in our model of care and equipped to train others. Besides skill, they have modeled perseverance, grace and determination in their work to earn Lighthouse Certification. Lighthouse-Certified Resident Counselor Christi Adkins, center, with Insight Assistant Operations Manager Katie Visconti and North Hills Program Manager Tamikca … [Read more...]

Pine Valley Market takes Copper Kettle

Photo Gallery | Every dish served at Wilmington's Epicurean Evening was amazing, and we thank all of the chefs who created a gourmet experience for more than 500 guests. Congratulations to our winners: Pine Valley Market and chefs Chris McCauley and Christi Ferretti won Copper Kettle Best in Show and Presentation Gold. They served an entrée of "Swing Season" Korean BBQ with corn purée, butternut squash and apple slaw, kimchi sauce, crispy … [Read more...]

Education Fair: Robots win the day

The Hertford County team took top honors at our 2016 Education Fair. The theme was Robots and, after hearing the words, "Please demonstrate, sir," each team member showed us the robot he had built. Well done, gentlemen! The teens from six homes worked with their on-site teachers to create and present projects on subjects they researched over the summer. Click to see other awards »  RUNNER UP  |  PARTICIPATION  |  TEAMWORK  |  MOST INFORMATIVE  … [Read more...]

The Truth About Trauma

Shelita Lee and Lashaunda Lucas are foster care supervisors at Methodist Home for Children Children come into care with all kinds of trauma: Sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. Neglect and abandonment. Exposure to domestic violence. Witness to a parent’s overdose or death. On top of that, no matter how bad it was at home, the act of being taken away and placed with strangers in foster care adds another layer. We provide our foster … [Read more...]

Meet Ethan

Living in foster care can be stressful, especially for brothers and sisters who've been separated. Summer camp gives them a sense of normalcy — a chance to be a kid and spend time with siblings, if possible. Our children go to three different sleepaway camps: Royal Family Kids, Rockfish and Don Lee. Meet Ethan. He’s just back from camp and it's all he can talk about. For a week, he got to play games, hike, swim, fish, and ride horses. Oh, … [Read more...]

Hackley to Students: Own your success and happiness

Former MHC Board Chair Lloyd “Vic” Hackley has a remarkable personal story of rising from poverty to become a U.S. Air Force officer, college administrator and champion for education and character. He also has a passion for helping young people – especially those marginalized by income or opportunity. Our scholarship and mentoring program was named in his honor in 2005, and he returns to Raleigh every summer to challenge and encourage students in … [Read more...]

Chasing Dreams, By Degrees | 2016-17

Congratulations to our students! On July 15, Methodist Home for Children celebrated new graduates and students in the Hackley Education and Learning Program. Known as HELP, the program provides financial support and mentoring to qualified students who’ve been through foster care, adoption and residential services. | Read more about HELP. Veronica Armstrong, UNC-Greensboro, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sustainable … [Read more...]

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