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Lessons in Independence

Tyanna gets career advice at the Independent Living Forum. The forum connects teens with educational and training programs and helps them build skills they need to transition into adulthood. | By Claudia Wiggins and Jonathan Rockoff | A University of Chicago study documents the struggles of youth who aged out of foster care: Unemployment — Fewer than half had jobs. Homelessness — Almost 25% were homeless after exiting foster … [Read more...]

The Stephensons

Carolyn and James Stephenson share their values and their sense of adventure with foster children in their home When instinct might tell other people to lock their doors, James and Carolyn Stephenson open theirs. They’re therapeutic foster parents with Methodist Home for Children, caring for runaways, gang-affiliated teens or whoever else comes to them through the juvenile justice system. They teach big life lessons like right vs. wrong, … [Read more...]

The Importance of Fathers

2016 Fatherhood Conference June 18, 2016 | 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. | Raleigh Convention Center | | Ken Perry is vice president of operations for Methodist Home for Children and co-chair of the 2016 Fatherhood Conference | We know that one out of every two children in the United States will live in a single-parent home before reaching age 18, according to U.S. census data. About 84% of those custodial parents are … [Read more...]

June 2: First Chance for White Pants!

A Dance Party to Welcome Summer! It's First Chance for White Pants, a dance party in Greenville to benefit Methodist Home for Children. Put on your white pants (or favorite summertime party wear), grab your friends and step out for an evening of fun with Liquid Pleasure, the South's premier show and dance band. Food, wine and beer are included ... plus, a great auction to get your summer started. Buy tickets here» Auctions: … [Read more...]

Shared Parenting: Brenda’s Story

FROM THE FIELD | Cheryl Warren is a foster care specialist at Methodist Home for Children It’s the first rule of foster parenting: Foster parents must always place the well-being of a child ahead of their own emotions and desires to adopt. This often requires them to open their lives to birth families through shared parenting. Brenda Davis had always planned to adopt, and she thought she knew what to expect when she set out to become a … [Read more...]

Meet Harmony

  Her name is synonymous with peace and kinship, an ironic choice by her birth mother. There wasn’t a lot of harmony in her young life. But on Jan. 26 — Harmony’s 8th birthday — a judge’s signature changed that for good. She was adopted by Shonda R., her Methodist Home for Children foster mother. Before Shonda, home for Harmony was a place without rules or boundaries. It's the place where Harmony was abused by a relative and where her … [Read more...]

Modeling Excellence: Staff & Parents

Congratulations to staff members and foster parents who’ve shown through rigorous testing and certification that they are adept in our model of care and equipped to train others. Besides skill, they have modeled perseverance, grace and determination in their work. Lighthouse-Certified Resident Counselor Mikia Anderson, left, with Program Manager Tamikca Styles. Mikia works in the North Hills transitional living … [Read more...]

They’re worth it: A foster mom’s advice

FROM THE FIELD | Jonathan Rockoff is a foster care licensing specialist at Methodist Home for Children On April 2, 2013, Sylvia picked up the phone and set in motion a process that would forever change the lives of three children. She and her husband, Michael, called Methodist Home for Children with open minds, open hearts—ready to learn about becoming foster parents. It’s my job to take these initial phone calls and to train prospective … [Read more...]

How to quit a gang?

Signs, Symbols & Solutions  |  When the power is off at home, the refrigerator is bare and the parents aren’t parenting, gangs can have a powerful appeal to kids, even as young as elementary schoolers. An estimated 314 gangs are active in North Carolina, and by the time many teens come through the juvenile justice system to Methodist Home for Children, they’ve become gang-involved. Darian is one of them. He’s 16 now, but he was 11 and … [Read more...]

Found: Parents who let me be myself

Read WANTED by Lissa and Maia  |  Foster parenting is serious work—joyful, fulfilling and often exhausting. At its best, this is what it looks like through the eyes of a child. Brandie, 15, was adopted by David and Wendy Dilts, and she shares her list of best qualities in an adoptive family: A parent who truly cares about you and will listen to what you need to say or to get off your mind. Parents who try their best to make sure you see … [Read more...]

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