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Spotlight Fall 2016 Fall 2016 | Cover story: You learn to share when there are nine family members living together. You share bedrooms. You split chores. You divide minutes on the phone plan. You stake out time to watch television or play the gaming system. You divide portions around the dinner table and you wait your turn for someone to pass the salsa. But these are just the ordinary things that happen in every family. This is the story of an ordinary family; the remarkable bit is how they came to be.
Summer 2016 SUMMER 2016 | Cover story: Her name is synonymous with peace and kinship, an ironic choice by her birth mother. There wasn’t a lot of harmony in her young life. But on Jan. 26, Harmony’s 8th birthday, a judge’s signature changed that for good.
Fall 2015 cover Fall 2015 | Cover story: Cleve and Amy were not looking to adopt a child with health problems, but they fell in love with a baby who’d been born prematurely to a drug-addicted mother. They brought Cayden home from the hospital and prayed for his recovery in their foster home. Then, a sudden stroke in the summer of 2014 changed Cayden’s prognosis and the trajectory of his life. But it did not change his new family’s love.
Summer 2015_cover Summer 2015 | Cover story: Nancy can remember the day she saw Dylan for the first time. It was a Saturday in December 2010 and he was at a Methodist Home for Children party, spending his first Christmas in foster care. She didn’t meet him then or learn his name, but she recognized him 28 months later when he walked into her home for an overnight respite stay.