Family Preservation

By the time they reach our family preservation team, parents are in crisis. They may be struggling with addiction, mental illness, employment, or housing problems. They’re at risk of losing their children to foster care – or they have, already.

We want to keep families together whenever possible.

Our first priority is the well-being of children. Our specialists work one-on-one with families to teach the skills they need to keep children safely in their homes. We equip struggling parents to manage setbacks and solve problems. When homes stabilize, children are less likely to repeat their parents’ missteps in adulthood. The cycle is broken.

Family Partners

Child Protective Services refers parents to our New Hanover County Family Partners program when they are working to retain or regain custody of their children. A voluntary program, it pairs parents with others who’ve successfully navigated the CPS system for the benefit of their children and family. The mentor family can offer encouragement and perspective to keep CPS-involved parents focused on the outcome they want: a healthier, happier home for their children.