Your Dollars At Work

Operating expenses for FY 2014–15 were $13,442,000.

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For every dollar we spent, 84 cents went directly to programs for children and families:

In-home services: family preservation • family reunification • transitional/re-entry • vocational education

Residential services: multipurpose juvenile homes • transitional living homes • mental  health group homes • therapeutic foster care • foster care • adoption  • HELP

Early childhood services: Jordan Child & Family Enrichment Center

Mental health services (CABHA): day treatment • residential • outpatient

Training & consultation services: foster care • juvenile justice • mental health • social services and youth development center staff • early childhood program directors • parents

The balance of expenses went toward administration and fundraising.

Layout 1We collected 81% of revenues through fees for services, which include contracts, service agreements and early childhood tuition fees.

Donations and grants made up 12% of revenues.

The remaining 7% was distributed from MHC Foundation invested funds.