Donate stock

Gifts of stocks or mutual funds are always welcome at Methodist Home for Children. If you are considering a transfer of securities to support our ministry, please follow the stock transfer instructions below or download them in Donate Stock.

1. Notify MHC by phone or e-mail that you will be making a gift of securities. Because your name may not be identified with the electronic transfer of shares, we need your input to make sure our donation receipt will be issued accurately and promptly.

Contact Development Officer Halie Sue Clifton at
phone 919-754-3620 | toll-free 888-305-4321, ext. 326

2. Instruct your agent to transfer your gift to MHC’s broker using the data provided below. If your signature is required, send an authorization letter to your broker with the following information.

Name(s) on your account
Names of your broker and brokerage firm
Your account number
Your broker’s phone number

This letter is my authorization to transfer the following stock from my account to the Methodist Home for Children Foundation using their brokerage firm listed below.

Name of stock
Number of shares

Transfer to:

US Bank
DTC number: 2803
Agent Bank ID# 26645
ffc: Methodist Home for Children Foundation
Account number: 8662013

Include authorized signature(s) and date

Questions? Monica Malishchak at Brown Advisory assists MHC with brokerage transfers of all kinds. Contact her at or call 919.913.3802.

3. Information for your records:

The date of your gift corresponds to the date it is transferred to our brokerage account.

The MHC Foundation federal tax number is 56-2259577.