Foster to Adopt

foster to adopt

Foster Care & Adoption information sessions: See dates |  Our Foster to Adopt services are a supportive component of our foster care program, helping families that are looking to adopt older children or sibling groups, some of whom may have medical or emotional needs.

This option prepares families to adopt by first licensing them as foster parent. The training and fostering experience help identify good matches between parents and child. The amount of time required to make a good match depends on a number of factors, including a family’s strengths and needs, the types of children who might best fit in the family, and the availability of these types of children.

Most children in need of permanent homes are not yet legally freed for adoption and are living in foster or group care. Foster parents commit to helping children work toward reunification with their families. If reunification is not possible, the child may be freed for adoption and the foster parents may pursue adopting.

MHC staff provides one year of case management, in-home consultation, support and other post-adoption services.

We do not charge fees to families interested in foster to adopt. Foster families receive monthly stipends to offset the daily needs of youth in their care, and adoption assistance may be available to help families who have adopted special needs children. We also offer scholarships to help youth who have received our services further their education.