Private Adoption

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Adopting one child won’t change the world, but for that child, the world will change.

Methodist Home for Children has experienced, compassionate staff who work to connect expecting birth parents with families looking to adopt an infant. We make a lifelong commitment to the children who come into our care, and we walk alongside our birth and adoptive parents throughout this process.

Birth mothers: We can help you explore options. Click here.

Our services include:

• Pregnancy counseling for birth mother. Learn more.
• Counseling for birth parents
• Adoptive parent education
• Home studies or updates
• Coordination of adoptive and birth family meetings
• Child placement
• Adoption finalization
• Post-placement support

Confidentiality is one of the first criteria we use in connecting birth parents and adoptive families, with choices available for a confidential, semi-open or open adoption. Identifying information is not shared unless both parties agree to do so.

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