Childcare ProvidersThe Jordan Center provides outreach to those who work most closely with children—childcare providers, educators and administrators—to develop new skills, exchange ideas, gain confidence and observe model childcare practices.

Our consultants can help establish or improve a childcare program by examining your unique needs and exploring the community dynamics that support or inhibit how you provide quality childcare.

Early childhood consultation focuses on:

  • the steps and decisions involved in starting a new program
  • administrative issues regarding center and staff management
  • children’s developmental needs and abilities
  • designing appropriate and fun learning environments
  • becoming better informed about health and safety issues
  • the critical nature of healthy and caring relationships

Jordan Center consultants can help you:

  • assess your ability to start a childcare program
  • learn what is involved in program start-up
  • learn what makes childcare “quality”
  • create administrative policies and procedures
  • prepare a budget
  • design indoor and outdoor learning spaces and select equipment
  • manage a happy staff
  • effectively include all children in your program
  • improve an already good program
  • move up the five-star rating scale

Training activities include:

  • collaboration with other community agencies to provide special training for parents and teachers
  • on-site observation of quality childcare practices
  • special events geared to enhancing quality childcare in your community
  • sessions which address specific parenting issues