Jordan Center

Jordan Center
Three-year-olds play with pots in the Jordan Center’s garden area.

The Jordan Child & Family Enrichment Center meets the state’s highest standards for staff education, child-to-teacher ratios and early learning curricula with a Five Star Childcare License, issued by the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education. By the time children leave the Jordan Center for kindergarten, they are prepared to get along with their peers, manage their behavior and follow instructions. In short, they are ready to learn.

What Sets Us Apart

Early learning curricula: Infant-Toddler Foundations, The Creative Curriculum and Conscious Discipline

  • The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, scientifically based curriculum that’s been shown to improve cognitive and social/emotional outcomes in young children. Jordan Center staff use this approach to help them identify general patterns of growth in all children and address social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development needs of the children. Our staff set goals and objectives for each of these developmental areas and create lesson plans with activities to practice skills. 
  • Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive classroom management program and social-emotional curriculum that creates the type of safe, caring and responsive environment shown to improve brain function and support children’s development. Teachers use Conscious Discipline tools to create a “school family” that fosters meaningful social and academic learning together. This program is designed to meet the basic needs of safety, connection and problem solving. This approach deepens children’s connection with each other while improving brain function in the process. 

Inclusive classrooms: Our blended classrooms build acceptance of diversity by serving children who are developing typically along with children who have special needs.