Prospective Parents

foster care familyFor adoption, foster care or therapeutic foster care

Foster & Adopt information sessions: See dates |  Our foster-to-adopt approach means that applicants seeking to adopt through Methodist Home for Children first must become licensed foster families.

  • They provide physical care, safety and a nurturing, predictable family environment for the children in their care.
  • They help children feel accepted and worthwhile and give them opportunities to express their feelings.
  • They model healthy family living to help children and their families learn and practice skills for safe and supportive relationships.
  • They provide nonphysical discipline that promotes self-esteem and respects each child’s culture and ethnicity.
  • They promote and support positive relationships between children and their families.
  • They respect the confidential nature of children’s circumstances and those of their parents.
  • They promote and support children’s transitions to permanent homes arrange, support and participate in activities that meet children’s physical, recreational, cultural, spiritual and emotional needs and promote positive values.
  • They advocate for resources to meet the unique needs of children in their care.
  • They participate in training, professional and skill developments.
  • They demonstrate flexibility in their expectations, attitudes and behaviors in relation to children’s needs.