Licensing & Training

Steps to Licensing

To become a licensed foster parent with Methodist Home for Children, you must:

  • complete a screening process
  • attend an information session
  • complete a foster parent application
  • receive an invitation to train
  • successfully complete 60 hours of training
  • mutually select (family and agency) to pursue licensure

Licensing Requirements

To be considered for licensing, you must meet all requirements:

  • minimum 21 years of age
  • high school diploma or GED
  • criminal background check and fingerprint clearance for everyone in the home over age 18
  • physical examination and tuberculosis (TB) test for everyone in the home
  • fire inspection of the home
  • good physical and mental health
  • home walk-through by the agency

Training Requirements

Once licensed, you must complete 10 hours of in-service training each year for a total of 20 hours for the two-year license period. MHC provides four trainings to total 10 in-service hours per calendar year. If training is taken elsewhere, the foster parent must provide written documentation from the providing agency. These courses are required to retain certification:

  • First Aid (every two years)
  • CPR (every two years)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (annually)
  • Medication Administration (annually)
  • Therapeutic foster parents also need Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (annually)

See calendar for in-service training dates.