Transition | Re-Entry

Transition Reentry
Methodist Home for Children operates the Transition | Re-entry program in a successful partnership with the NC Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice and local Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils.

This program serves teens, ages 10 to 18, who are referred by juvenile court counselors through the NC Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. Services include up to six months of community-based counseling for youth as they return to their home, school and community after a period of confinement at a Youth Development Center or group home. Planning for reintegration begins when a youth enters confinement and includes parental-skill development for their families.

  • Staff assist the youth’ s return to the home environment as indicated on the individual service plan and prepare the youth for progressively increased responsibility and freedom.
  • Staff provide weekly family counseling sessions, parenting sessions, school job/court meetings, mental health meetings, case management for youth and family, telephone consultation and crisis intervention.

Youth in the Transition | Re-entry program are expected to return and remain successfully in their homes, attend educational/vocational programs three to five times week, incur no new court petitions during service and participate in preventive substance abuse and gang violence discussions.

Counties served: