Multipurpose Homes

MPHMethodist Home for Children operates five multipurpose homes in a successful public-private partnership with the NC Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. See list of counties served, below.

Multipurpose homes have been proven to interrupt lifetime criminal behavior for Level II repeat juvenile offenders. MHC staff live and work in each home, serving 10 judicial districts, and implement a model of care that teaches teens to change problem behaviors and attitudes, expand their skills and recover from setbacks and mistakes. Six months of follow-up care helps reintegrate the teens into family and community.

An RTI International study found that MHC multipurpose homes get the best results with the most challenging offenders, significantly reducing crimes committed by teens on path to youth development centers.

Cost-effective, compassionate, community-based care has multiple benefits. It reduces the cost of intervention, the incidence of crime and the social and financial costs associated with crime. Youth in the program have priority access to MHC’s continuum of care, including lifetime continuing education scholarships.

The recidivism outcomes are “extremely positive” for this population of court-involved teens (medium to high risk, with multiple offenses), according to the NC Department of Public Safety. Their rate of reoffending is lower than that of a comparison group with fewer offenses and/or risk factors.