North Hills Transitional Living

North Hills 2Methodist Home for Children operates the North Hills Transitional Living Program in a successful public-private partnership with the NC Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. This home serves youth from counties throughout the state. | The Craven Transitional Living Program serves boys.

North Hills Transitional Living is a 6- to 12-month residential program that helps court-involved youth build the skills they need to live independently. Statistically, these teens are at high risk of failing without intervention. This program helps them prevent a lifetime of dependence on the state with a cost-effective, short-term investment in independent living skills.


• Females ages 16–18.
• Leaving Youth Development Centers (YDCs) or other residential placements.
• Relocating apart from their home community for reasons of safety, security or success.
• Showing commitment to their education and to a productive, positive future.


• Youth earn their independence in a highly structured environment.
• Evidence-based practices (Value-Based Therapeutic Environment model of care) are certified by the Teaching Family Association and used in YDCs.


• Earn a GED or high school diploma.
• Identify career aspirations and goals.
• Explore post-secondary education or vocational studies that fit their long-term goals.
• Volunteer in the community.
• Find and maintain jobs that match their skills and career aspirations.
• Learn independent living skills: how to budget, meal plan, create a resumé, interview for jobs, negotiate salary, manage a cell phone, earn their driver’s license, open bank accounts.
• Build a portfolio of community-based resources to use after completing the program and transitioning to independence.

After Graduation

• Receive six months of aftercare services with in-person and phone contacts.
• Eligible for financial assistance for college and vocational/trade schools, plus mentoring, through MHC’s Hackley Education and Learning Program (HELP).


The North Hills Transitional Living Program helps youth see a positive and achievable path to independence. It challenges them to grow emotionally, spirituality, socially and financially in ways they often have not considered. With assistance from staff and the treatment team, these youth learn to provide for themselves and take steps toward a productive future.